Suzanne Snowden

Suzanne is an ideas person always ready to bring a fresh perspective to marketing challenges. A seasoned strategic professional, Suzanne has over 25 years experience in marketing, communications, thought leadership and business development.

Before founding Message Consulting she was Global Director of Thought Leadership at PwC where she was responsible for the firm’s Research and Insights programme. Suzanne has designed and executed a number of high impact marketing campaigns including PwC’s flagship Annual Global CEO Survey.

As a consultant, she has delivered a broad range of marketing, communications and strategy solutions for organisations in legal and professional services, telecoms, media and advertising industries.


Together we bring a combined 55 years of experience delivering
distinctive marketing, design and advertising solutions for clients big and small.

Miles Gillman

Miles Gilman

Miles is an Art Director with 30 years experience working in a variety of London advertising agencies before becoming Creative Director of The Progress Agency.  He brings real expertise developing brand, visual identity and advertising solutions for clients across a variety of sectors.

Previous to Message Consulting, Miles ran his own advertising and design consultancy for clients including Miele, Pentax Cameras and Le Creuset.

Miles also brings experience in traditional design with spells in pop video production and album cover design.

What clients have said about working with Message Consulting.

"fantastic input, tips, tweaks and suggestions to ensure my brand is effectively reaching my target audience"

"combines keen strategic vision with down-to-earth pragmatism"

"great team player bringing top quality highly creative ideas to the table in double quick time. Real talent."

"adept at seeing value where others don't"

"insights on branding, creating a visual identity, marketing processes, communicating to position an organization as a thought leader and how to orient content, have been instrumental"

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